Jones, Evans & Knight is a fictional exploration of Black America through the lives of four women residing in Morven Town and employed at a prestigious Black-owned law firm. The inner workings of a law firm is no different than any other corporate atmosphere, but Larenz Jones and Preston Evans (two of the Partners at JEK) were adamant about addressing the needs and concerns of their support staff. They understood the staff's views clearly enough to furnish a large office with a television, cozy seating and a fridge. It became the perfect place for the employees to escape and relax for a dose of emergency relief, hence the nickname the ER. However, there was one partner (Earl Knight) that had a different view on the staff’s obligations to the firm. Earl believed that employees should do whatever the attorney asked without question and it was evident in the way he treated his secretary, Katherine Rowland. He created a chaotic office environment and her stress was compounded as she struggled to raise three children with an absent husband. Kat would not be able to endure the day without her friends—Trisha Ramsey, the outspoken woman that encourages those around her to be strong and true to themselves; Darleen Reese, the gossip Queen at JEK, who tells everyone’s business except her own (and she has a few stories hidden); and Naomi Rouge, a woman that breezed into Morven Town in search of a place to rest when she stumbled into a position as receptionist at JEK (but no one knows where she came from and Naomi isn't offering any information). Let these ladies show you what friendship is all about as they laugh, cry, share secrets, work, learn, dine, and party together.


We are a writing team who embarked on a joyous, fictional, literary ride beginning with Jones, Evans & Knight by Melvese & Myhia. It's a fun story about a prestigious law firm from their support staff's perspective; a firm that appreciates its staff. We wrote this novel intending to leave an imprint of laughter, love, happiness, and wisdom on the reader. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Melvese & Myhia